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I’m Sophia Mitchell although my Lab Tots call me ‘Proff’. I’m the owner and founder of Lab Tots, pre-school science. I have a Masters Degree in Chemistry and have worked in various scientific industries for over 10 years, whilst also being an active STEM ambassador, school governor and science tutor... roles that I really loved.

After a series of events (namely becoming a mum) I found myself wanting a change, a career that fitted in with family life, would make me a better mum and would be something that I was really passionate about.

Our mission at Lab Tots is to ignite a lifelong love of Science, getting children really interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects from a young age. So they are not just learning about the world around them, but they are practically experimenting, discovering and exploring scientific principles and concepts as well as their own ideas in an incredibly fun, interactive and engaging way.

Enthusing the next generations of young scientists is, in my humble opinion, of the upmost importance if we as a country are to remain competitive as a nation. I hope Lab Tots can help to start this immense journey of discovery, breaking down barriers and stereotypes to inspire the next generation of scientists.

We use science as a platform to support all the Montessuri Principles and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum, giving that extra bit of magic that only science can!

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About Lab Tots

Start your journey into a world of scientific discovery by finding out about Lab Tots. Meet the Owner & Founder Sophia ‘Proff’ Mitchell, how Lab Tots came to be, our mission and what Lab Tots plans to achieve.


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